Sports Equipment

High quality mesh fencing and fencing systems specifically for sports purposes, in Warrington, Cheshire and surrounding areas.

Euro-Fencing Systems Ltd offers fully integrated multisports fencing systems for a range of sports applications. These include football, rugby, golf, hockey, tennis and athletics. The fencing is suitable for schools, colleges and sporting facilities.

• Ball-stop fencing systems

Ball-stop fencing is available in heights of up to 8m above ground. The system effectively protects the environments around stadiums and sports fields from balls and other sports missiles such as javelins. The system is also used for golf courses and golf driving ranges.

Ball-stop fencing posts are made from tubular steel. The cross-section of the post varies according to height, geographical location and the size of the netting mesh. In order to increase the effectiveness of the ball-stop fencing, the bottom section can be fitted with additional fencing.

• Stadium mesh fencing

Stadium mesh fencing, manufactured to an above-ground height of 2.76m, has been purposely designed for football stadiums and training grounds. The product has been tested and certified for this purpose. The top and bottom panels are manufactured from 6 and 8mm diameter wire with apetures of 150x50mm. The centre panel is manufactured from 6 and 8mm diameter wire with apertures of 150x150mm. The centre panel is a vision strip that allows easier viewing of the field of play. The posts are manufactured from a patented trapezoidal section, which is reinforced.

• Multisports fencing

Olympis multisports fencing system has a heavy-duty mesh panel construction consisting of two 8mm horizontal wires that encase 6mm vertical wires. The panels are fully resistance welded to maximise strength and corrosion resistance. The posts are constructed from RHS steel that is attached to the panels via a patented profile strip. Rubber pads are installed inside the post, enclosing the ends of the mesh panels, so as to virtually eliminate noise from impact or bad weather. The system comprises patented reinforcement rails for added strength and durability. Options include the Super Sports rebound panels, which have extra wires to provide greater strength and a better rebound quality. Matching gates are also available.

• Twin wire mesh fencing

Bastifor® is a welded mesh panel fencing suitable for sports facilities. It is available in normal and heavy-duty configurations, and is manufactured from 200x50mm galvanised steel mesh. Posts are manufactured from a patented trapezoidal section that requires no bolts.

• Spectator fencing - with infill

Spectator fencing posts are comprised of two shells held together by fixings, which completely enclose heavy Bastifor® mesh infill panels. Rubber pads are installed inside the post, over the entire height of the panel, so as to virtually eliminate noise from impact or bad weather. The shell-based construction of the post, and the fact that the guardrail sits insides the aluminium unions, makes the handrail totally rigid and non-dismountable. The fencing can be arranged to run at various angles or curves, and can be supplied with integrated gates to allow passage for people and equipment.

Finish and appearance

All materials are galvanised and polyester powder coated, available on request in a wide range of RAL colours.

Technical support

The company provides a rapid response to enquires, with most quotations given immediately over the phone, along with technical advice and consultation on product ranges.