Ornamental Railings

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TR100 & TR150
Standard 25mm diameter verticals, capped. Height 1.0-2.4 metres.
TR200 & TR250
Standard verticals cut at 45� providing point top. Height 1.0-2.4 metres.
Decorative finals for traditional appearance. Height 1.0-2.4 metres.
Square tube railing for additional strength. Height 1.0-2.4 metres.
Smooth, flat top rail for handrail and saftey barrier applications. Round tube only. Height 1.0-2.4 metres.
Sharp anti-climbing deterrent. Round tube only. Height 2.0-2.4 metres.
Round tube. Height 600-2000mm.
TR800 (RoSPA)
Round tube. Height 600-2000mm.
Modul'r tubular bow-top railings A self adjusting railing
A Totally New Fencing Experience - Flows over ground contours without the need for stepping
Bow Top Fencing
Material Specification:
Rails: Special Cold Rolled Formed Section, approx. 55 x 25mm.
Verticals: 25.4mm Tube. 2mm Wall Thickness for 1800-2400mm high.
1.25mm Wall Thickness for 600-1500mm high.
Verticals at 125mm Centres (99.6mm gap).
Posts: 60 x 60mm Box Section, (2660mm centres).
Fully adjustable system post available April 2002.
Finish: Posts: Hot Dip Galvanised and Powder Coated.
Panels: Z275 MA (Galvanised) and Powder Coated.
Above railings also available in a welded construction.