Green Screen

Hedera green screens are an exciting development in sustainable perimeter solutions, they provide eye level, vertical greening, with a safe, secure structural and self sustaining supporting system.  Available in three heights, 1.0mtr, 1.8mtr and 2.2mtr.

  • The Hedera green screen is a living fence, consisting of 65 shoots of ivy, typically, Hedera helix Woerner per 1.2mtr run.
  • The plants are grown on an internal, secure galvanized steel 100x250mm gridded framework.
  • At the nurseries, the metal grid is folded at the bottom to facilitate a biodegradable pot, which is filled with potting soil. The plants are grown in this, and as they grow, they are wound, by hand, along the frame in order to get full coverage. Once installed, keeping children and pets safely enclosed.

  • They are light, weighing only 35Kgs, making them easy to handle. They are of course evergreen, so will look attractive all year round.
  • Requiring very little maintenance, only two cuts per year.
  • Not only do the screens look attractive, but they make a very significant environmental impact on our day to day living. Absorbing 6g/m2 of sub micron particles from the atmosphere. Annually, 23m2 of our screens will absorb the equivalent carbon emissions as an average city tree. (Nigel Dunnett of Dunnett & Kingsbury 2004), which of course, will take a lot longer to establish!
  • The dense foliage also encourages biodiversity; this can be further enhanced by the use of bird, bat and insect boxes if desired, which can be completely hidden from public view.
  • The screens have been used on numerous gardens at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show in the last few years winning 4 silvers and two gold medals. In 2010, the screens were used on three gardens, winning the Presidents award, Gold and two Silver Floras.
  • None of our screens have been replanted or received any other maintenance other than trimming and feeding.


The Green Screen is a very cost effective solution to most sensitive perimeter issues. The beneifts include:

  • Instant security provided by a 5mm weldmesh galvanised steel security fence.
  • Instant privacy provided by 65 ivy shoots, typically 13 plants. These are then grown and trained around the uprights (not pinned) to the full hight of the screen
  • Provides a green eco-firendly enviroment
  • Enviromentally sound cost effective alternative to tradition types of perimeter systems
  • Very low maintenance
  • Can be extended to a height of 2.8m
  • Improves with time
  • Maximises the space available
  • 10 year guarantee

Technical Information

The Hedera Screen’ is a living fence, consisting of a metal grid covered with plants. The metal grid is folded at the bottom to facilitate a biodegradable pot, which is filled with potting soil. The plants are grown in this soil and trailed along the metal grid in order to get full coverage.

The biodegradable pot consists of coconut fibres bond together by natural latex. Once the ‘Green Screen’ is installed this pot will degrade within one or two years, depending on structure, nutrient levels and moisture levels of the sub soil.

Two types of ‘Green Screen’ are available, in different sizes with various types of plants. The table below shows the technical features of each type.

 Galvanized grid
MaterialPremium galvanized Bekaert steel
Mesh dimensions100 x 250 mm
Wire thickness5 mm
Green Screen dimensions1200 x 1800 mm (l x h)
1200 x 1000 mm (l x h)
Height is after installation
Plant typesHedera Helix Woerner
Posts75cm x 75cm (for standard 1.8)
BracketsUniversal bracket for 100mm posts, 2 per 1.0mtr, 4 per 1.8 & 6 per 2.2Screen
FasteningIn between each consecutive panel a post needs to be installed. Although the panels are 120cm long, space needs to be allowed for the post and brackets. Hence the distance between two posts (centre-centre) needs to be circa 136cm.