Welcome to Euro-Fencing Systems Ltd

Euro Fencing Ltd offering solutions for fencing systems, automated gates, railings, sports fencing and more across the UK.

As a market leader, Euro-Fencing Systems Ltd is able to offer bespoke Fencing systems to provide clients with complete security solutions for total perimeter protection.

Product Ranges

We offer a substantial range of complete panel system fencing for general boundary
and demarcation purposes, as well as multi-sports facilities, commercial premises and
industrial areas, through to maximum security applications for prisons and military installations.

We are specialists in access control, and in addition to perimeter fencing, we offer a wide range of manually operated and automated gates, traffic control barriers and security bollards.

We also provide a comprehensive range of welded and self adjusting railings and system fence products.

Our product range consists of leading European products which are designed to meet the requirements of the UK marketplace.


All our products meet European and UK Quality standards.

Competitive pricing

We operate a best value practise, and will quote the most appropriate and cost-effective product for your requirements.


We pride ourselves on providing a rapid response to enquires, with most quotations given immediately over the phone. Our vast experience within the fencing industry means that we are able to provide technical advice and a consultation service on product ranges available to best fit customer needs.

As many of our materials are held in stock, we provide a rapid delivery service with after sales service to ensure customer satisfaction.


We are able to provide customer references where our materials have been used on projects, if required.

Contact us today for more details about our High Quality products including Mesh Fencing, Automated Gates, Ornamental Railings, Sports Fencing and more!