Steel Palisade

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Welded Corrugated Pale Fencing
galvanised or galvanised and colour coated

A higher security version of traditional Palisade Fencing in which the pales are welded to the horizontal cross rails at every intersection, thereby eliminating the possible removal of fixings and preventing the pales from either being levered up or off.

On undulating groun, panels may be stepped to the gradient to ensure a good consistent fence line. Additional keyhole slots in the posts facilitate stepping off the panels. No support legs are required.

Pales are available in 'D' section only:

No fastener head required due to welded construction, offering increased security.

Welded Palisade is offered with a choice of heads:

C - Rounded and Notched
D - Single Pointed Head
F - Triple Pointed and Splayed
This head offers the greatest deterrent but is generally recommended for use only on fences over 1.8 metres.


Welded Palisade is manufactured to BS 1722: Part 12: 1990 or other agreed specifications. All hot dip galvanised to BS 729.


Height above Ground Metres
Nominal Pale thickness mm
Posts RSJ mm
Rails RSA mm
3.0 or 3.5
45x45x6 or 50x50x6
3.0 or 3.5
45x46x6 or 50x50x6

Welded Palisade is manufactured with 'D' profile pales in panels to a standard width of 2.75cm. Non-standard widths can be produced to order. Details on application.


All commercial and industrial premises and any site requiring high degree of anti-intruder security.


(a) Carry components, do not drag, particularly important where materials are colour coated.

(b) Erection - set posts in accordance with BS 1722: Part 12: 1990 at 2.75 metre centres. Welded Palisade Panels are easily handled. Full fixing details available on request.


The Palisade fencing system is offered complete with matching gate systems.

The only Welded Palisade to be manufactured on a robotic welding line for consistent quality. Superior in performance to ordinary Palisade - tamper proof means increased security.


formidable barrier to any would be intruder.
All welded pale construction means no bolts and nuts, thereby eliminating the removal of fixings.

Galvanised in-house or galvanised and colour coated.